Biomedical Engineering

Laboratory of Medical System Quality Control is founded at the Biomedical Engineering Department, which is equipped with quality control devices manufactured by the leading company in this field, Fluke Biomedical (USA). 


Medical System Quality Control Laboratory


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Laboratory aims to train the students of engineering profile at Georgian Technical University in Biomedical Engineering discipline. By utilization of novel techniques and systems from Fluke Biomedical, students learn the analysis of electrical safety and quality control procedures for medical systems. Students learn the practical skills in operating quality and safety control systems which serves as an important asset towards raising professionals in the Biomedical Engineering discipline. Laboratory equipment includes the following systems:

  1. Electrical Safety Analyzer.
  2. Patient Monitor Analyzer.
  3. Defibrillator and Pacemaker Analyzer.
  4. Ventilation system Analyzer.
  5. Ultrasound Systems Analyzer.
  6. Quality and safety control systems for X-ray, CT and MRI systems.


Quality control laboratory is an important base that aims to increase the potential of learning quality in engineering disciplines.




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