Computer Perimeter System for Ophthalmology Examination (Field Analyzer)


Biomedical Engineering Department has manufactured the Computer Perimeter System (Field Analyzer) which is used to measure the field of vision of the eye



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Computer Perimeter System for Ophthalmology Examination (Field Analyzer).
Biomedical Engineering Department has manufactured the Computer Perimeter System (Field Analyzer) which is used to measure the field of vision of the eye.
Perimeter system is used in the ophthalmology to diagnose the field of vision. Field of vision represents the part of the space which a human eye can cover while staring at one point. Defining the field of vision is an important examination to diagnose and assess the various ophthalmological and neurological disorders. Examination of field of view is a routine test performed in ophthalmological studies. During the examination map of vision field is drawn, which account for the field seen by the patient with left or right eye. During the examination it is vital to achieve the optimal fixation of sight; otherwise the results of the examination are prone to inaccuracies. We have developed an experimental model of perimeter system that is controlled by software module. Software module is integrated in a PC and is based on Windows operating system. At the start of the examination operator enters the patient data (Name, Surname, Date of Birth, and Sex) and chooses the eye (left, right). Patient puts his chin on the chin holder and starts to stare at the predefined constantly illuminated red spot in the hemisphere. During the examination patient is receiving the light impulses from 216 LED-s that are integrated in the hemisphere module. Locations of the LED-s in the hemisphere are defined by specific algorithm. If the patient observes the light signal coming from the LED sources he/she acknowledges this by pushing the button on the joystick. Examination takes approximately 7-8 minutes after which the software module reconstructs the map of field of vision and stores the data in the patient database. The map of the field of vision and the patient data can be subsequently printed on the external printer. In order to achieve the optimal sight fixation during the examination and therefore to avoid the inaccurate measurement perimeter system is equipped with the in-built camera module which send the video signal to computer module. In case of eye movement during the examination, software module releases the beep signal and neglects the pressing of the button at that time to avoid the discrepancies in the measurement








Scientific novelties conducted to solve the project tasks.

    • Novel functional, control and power supply schemotechnical solutions.
    • Solutions for determining the peripheral borders of the field of vision
    • Specific software module of the control system that gives a possibility to alter the brightness, size and the color of the colored stimulation (These parameters are selected by the ophthalmologists)
    • Simple, intuitive and user-friendly software environment, which does not require special training before operating the system.
    • Slim and lightweight design of the system
    • Eye movement detection module to account the inaccurate data.

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