Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is the rapidly evolving multidisciplinary scientific field of the 21st century that unites the knowledge from various fields like medicine, engineering, biology and computer sciences. Scope of the biomedical engineering is to gather the novel knowledge in living systems, while employing innovated techniques that are based on achievements in engineering and information technologies.


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International Definition

International federation of medical and biological engineering disciplines defines the clinical-biomedical engineering discipline as: Clinical (biomedical) engineer is a professional who, by using his engineering and management skills in conjunction with healthcare associated technologies, takes part in ensuring the human healthcare quality. Biomedical engineering course is taught by nearly 100 universities in the United States as well as in leading European and Asian universities.

Preparation of specialists in biomedical engineering at Georgian Technical University takes place at three levels of higher education. Subject of the program is called Information Techniques and Technologies.


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