Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Department at Georgian Technical University has launched the research program to manufacture the computer based Ionophoresis and electrotherapy system.

Ionphoresis and Electrotherapy System


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During the manufacturing stages we are envisaging to put above mentioned system in clinical trials. Computer-based Ionophoresis and Electrotherapy system will have current stabilization function, accurate time management module and high ergonometric capabilities. System will be composed of following major modules: Power supply module, Display module which depicts the current status of the system. System comes with two electrodes which are attached to the patient. USB cable provides the link between the system and the computer. Personal computer is employed to enter the patient data and provides control of the system. In case of project realization we are planning to put the computer based Ionophoresis and Electrotherapy system in serial production. We are sure that our system will have major qualitative advantages on currently widely used Russian equipments and will be an equal competitor to foreign-built analogue systems. Based on preliminary estimations, price of our equipment will be twice as cheap compared to foreign-built analogues. That kind of successful projects will boost the interest in manufacturing of other types of biomedical systems.




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