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Biomedical Engineering

Did you know that according to surveys of 2012 year, biomedical engineering is the number one discipline by 2020 by average salary rate? Rate of the vacancies rises by 61.7% per annum.


Employment and careers

Biomedical engineering is on the 5th place in the most popular and demandable specialties, while the employement of biomedical engineers is ensured by following directions:

  1. Medical and Clinical Centers
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Hospitals
  • Representative and distributor offices of leading European medical equipment manufacturers: Siemens, General Electric Healthcare, Toshiba, Phillips, Fresenius, Abbot, Medrad, Drager, etc)
  • Medical Equipment Service Offices
  • Medical Technologies and Metrology, Standardization and Certification Authorities
  • Medical Insurance Companies

Throughout their studies, biomedical engineers gain corresponding knowledge and qualification to solve below mentioned tasks:

  1. Processing of medical and computer technologies and systems
  2. Processing of medical information technologies
  3. Marketing and management functions in medical diagnostics, clinical and insurance companies
  4. Application of control theory and mathematical modeling in biomedical systems for research activities
  5. Medical records database design

One of the significant reforms chosen by Georgian government and Ministry of Healthcare is development of hospital sector in Georgia. This is mainly linked to equipping the newly built and present hospitals with up to date medical equipments and technologies. Funds are also raised to build and support the medical equipment manufacturing process.
World leading countries spend significant amount of funds for promoting and manufacturing the medical diagnostic and therapeutic systems. Small European countries elicit the huge interest towards production of medical equipments since it shows high rate of profits.
Graduates of biomedical engineer program have and will become the leading specialists in the field of biomedical engineering in Georgia.

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