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The History of Biomedical Engineering in Georgia starts from 1983.


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Biomedical Engineering discipline was established at Georgian Technical University in 1983. Founder of the Biomedical Engineering discipline was Professor O. Khomeriki. From 1994 till 2007 chair of the Biomedical Engineering department was famous researcher, teacher and public figure Raul Kuprava. Biomedical Engineering department has produced more than 350 professionals who were successfully employed in the field. Biomedical Engineering department promoted an initiative based on which the Medical Systems and Technologies Department was established in the Ministry of Healthcare of Georgia. 2002 year saw the foundation of Georgian Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Association. Beginning from 1998, Georgian Technical University started the Masters Degree Course of Biomedical Engineering. In 2003, celebration of 20 years of anniversary from the foundation of Biomedical Engineering department was accompanied by International Research Conference.
From the beginning of its foundation, Biomedical Engineering department has had exchange programs with various European Universities like Friedrich Schiller Jena University, Warsaw Biomedical Research Center in Warsaw, Almena Technical University, Germany and so on.
In 2012-2013 years memorandum was signed by the Georgian Technical University and Alabama University, United States to promote collaboration in the field of Biomedical Engineering. Above mentioned memorandum involves possibilities of exchange programs between two Universities.
Students of Biomedical Engineering department are provided with corresponding library and e-books  from Georgian Technical University.

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